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We See You,
We Hear You,
It’s Tough

Let’s face it: Life is stressful. And when it comes to cigarettes, including menthol cigarettes, each one can feel like a little break. It can be really tough to quit when you’re stressed, but there’s probably another reason you might struggle. Maybe it’s the menthol.

Stern woman.

Menthol Cigarettes Are
Harder to Quit

If you’ve already tried to quit menthol cigarettes and failed, it’s normal. Menthol cigarettes are even harder to quit than regular cigarettes, and here’s why:

They're familiar

They're familiar

The tobacco industry has marketed menthol cigarettes to mainly Black communities for years, so they feel less harmful and familiar within the community.

They change you

They change you

Menthol cigarettes literally change how your brain and body metabolize nicotine, making you more dependent.

They’re toxic

They’re toxic

The “cool” sensation of menthol cigarettes encourages deeper, longer inhales, bringing more smoke and toxins into your body over time.

You Don’t Have to<br><span class='text-orange'>Quit Alone</span>

You Don’t Have to
Quit Alone

With everything you’re balancing, it might be hard to imagine quitting now, but we can help you do it. We’re in your corner! When you quit with us, you’ll be supported by counselors you can call at any time. We’ll help you work through smoking triggers and withdrawals, and help you stay on track on your custom quit plan.

Double Your Chances of a Successful Quit With a Quitline

Our quitline counselors are trained and certified to guide you through your quit journey—and some have even been through a quit themselves. They understand how hard it is. They’ll customize your quit plan by learning about the things unique to you, your habits, and your goals. For a broader picture of how they work, along with our other quit journey supports, visit the Free Services page.

Get Free Services
Double Your Chances of a Successful Quit <span class='text-orange'>With a Quitline</span>

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With the Illinois Tobacco Quitline, it’s your quit, your call. Reach out to learn more about how we can support you through your quit journey. Or if you’re ready to start your quit now, enroll below.