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Nicotine Nasal Inhalers

The Nicotine Inhaler brand name is Nicotrol Inhaler.This is only available by prescription. The common misconception about this inhaler is that it is not designed like an inhaler used for asthma. It is a device that appears to be more like a cigarette. There is a plastic tube that a cartridge of nicotine goes into and when punctured, the nicotine dose is inhaled like taking a drag off a cigarette. The cartridge is a 4mg dose and you can use up to 6 of them a day to start and then gradually taper off further into the process of quitting.

Advantages of this form of NRT are that it provides the same hand-to-mouth motion as smoking and the fast delivery of the nicotine into the system. A disadvantage is that you cannot use this if you suffer from COPD. Side effects are coughing and mouth and throat irritation. Your physician could recommend if this product would be helpful to you.

Nicotine Nasal Sprays

Nicotine nasal spray goes by the name of Nicotrol NS. This is only available by prescription. This is a spray that is administered in the nostrils to absorb the nicotine. It is not commonly used. Advantage of the spray is that it is the fastest way to get the nicotine in the system. Disadvantages are that it can cause some irritation to the sinuses and it is not recommended for someone with asthma or allergies. Side effects are coughing, sneezing, sore throat and irritation to nose and eyes. Your physician could recommend if this product would be helpful to you.

Climber scaling a mountain.

You wouldn’t climb a mountain without the right gear.

The same is true for quitting tobacco use. You should be armed with the right tools to help you quit. You should first understand your addiction and what to expect before you attempt quitting.