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Combining Methods

The key to using prescription medication to quit is to use it correctly. We see people get frustrated and not able to quit because they were often using the medicine incorrectly. When you call us and talk to our staff, we will make sure that you are correctly using whatever medication you choose, and we will verify that with you each time you call.

When using nicotine replacement products (NRT), it is important to know that you have to match up the amount of nicotine that your body is receiving each day with the milligram dosage of the nicotine replacement product you are using. We can help you determine which dose to take so that your body is not shocked by the lack of nicotine that it is getting each day.

If you can utilize prescription medication (Zyban or Chantix) to help you quit, begin your prescription and work to taper your cigarette use. The medication takes one-two weeks to see the full benefits of curbing the urge to smoke. If you are taking Zyban, when you have tapered down to 15 to 20 cigarettes per day, you can use it in combination with the nicotine replacement products as determined by your doctor or the Quitline staff. If you are using Chantix, it is recommended to stop the tobacco on the eighth day of the medication.

Chantix binds to the nicotine receptors in the brain and therefore does not need to be combined with any other method.

Cutting down your cigarette usage before using any type of medication will help decrease your cravings as well. Cutting down cigarettes is a safe method to use as a combination with Chantix or Zyban.

If you're using a nicotine replacement product, it is recommended that you quit tobacco when you start the use of these products. If you find that you cannot keep from using tobacco when on these products, talk to your doctor about a safe level and your health risks.

It is also best to use all medications as prescribed. If you experience any adverse effects, talk to your doctor right away.

Using your distractors, getting some exercise and eating healthy can help you minimize cravings.

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