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Reward Yourself

Usually in life, if we accomplish one of our goals, we find some way to celebrate. Sometimes we receive flowers. Other times we may go out with friends. We’re often rewarded at work by vacation time. In any other situation (job, school, family), achieving something great would mean you should be rewarded for something great. No matter what type of reward we receive, the point of that prize is the same: It motivates us to keep going when maybe the task isn’t easy.

The same is true for quitting smoking. Many callers have told us that quitting is the hardest thing they’ve done in their life. So take some time to think about what you’re going to do to increase your motivation along the way. You’re probably going to want all of the help you can get. Selecting a prize does wonders on getting you through cravings that might be extremely tough to get through.

We have a few suggestions for what you can do, but this is just the beginning. Take some time and think about what it is that would truly be something special for you reaching your goal. You can even think about out-of-the-box ideas for something that you would like to splurge on since you will be saving money by not buying tobacco. Some people even calculate how much they spend on cigarettes per week or per month (which you can do with our Savings Calculator) – and then they spend that money on something awesome that they’ll enjoy.

So go ahead, start planning what you can do to celebrate the new smoke-free you. Not only will it help you quit, but you deserve it.

Here are some examples:  

  • Each month, on the anniversary of your quit day, plan a special celebration.
  • Write down new reasons you are glad you quit and post these reasons where you will be sure to see them.
  • Make up a calendar for the first 90 days. Cross off each day and indicate the money you saved by not smoking.
  • Buy something that you never would have been able to afford if you were still smoking.
  • Figure out how much money you spend on cigarettes per day. Put exactly that much money into a jar in your kitchen and watch it accumulate.
  • Buy a small present for your buddy that has been a person that you’ve leaned on during this process. Doing something nice for someone else is always something that can make you feel good about yourself.
  • Set other intermediate target dates and do something special with the money you have saved.

 Need more examples? Call us. We can help. 1-866-QUIT-YES.

Woman blowing bubbles with her daughter in a field.

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