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The Quitline in the Workplace

At the Quitline, we know how important it is to help people quit using tobacco and we respect companies who wish to help their employees and their addiction. That’s why we make it an option for businesses to be able to offer our services to their employees. Quitline services in the workplace save employers on healthcare costs and improves the general health and wellness of their employees.

As part of a special service, the Quitline may customize a report for your wellness program to track success. Reports may include:

  • Enrollment date
  • Call summary
  • List of enrollees
  • Enrollee demographics
  • Stage of program completion
  • Self-reported outcomes
  • Quit rates
  • Program satisfaction survey results

We will work with you to establish a reporting schedule. Bi-annual and quarterly reports are most common. Whatever your needs are, we can most likely tailor a program specifically to those. If you are interested in receiving an estimate for this service, please complete the form below.

For more information, download our sample tobacco treatment enrollment form or call us at 217-787-5864.


We’re here for you when you need us

Our hours of operation are 7AM to 11PM, seven days a week. Call us before or after work, during your lunch break or when your cravings are the strongest. We’ll have a counselor waiting to answer your call and you can call as many times as you like.