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We’ve helped thousands of tobacco users quit smoking over the years and we want to share their stories with you. If you’ve used the Illinois Tobacco Quitline and are smoke-free today, use the link below to share your story with us and we’ll put it on the website!

“You have to quit for yourself!"

Karen L., 49, Payson, IL.

Karen started smoking when she was 16. She smoked a ½ a pack to a pack a day and tried quitting two times before she was fully successful. When her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, she knew it was time to quit and called the Illinois Tobacco Quitline for free counseling and access to nicotine patches. The Quitline staff called to check on her progress and even sent her a certificate for being successful.

“I was determined to quit.”

Sandra R., 59, Quincy, IL.

Sandra started smoking when she was 28. She considered herself a social smoker and tried three times before quitting for good in January of 2011. Breathing had become difficult for her and upon reading a brochure for the Illinois Tobacco Quitline, she decided to call and speak with a counselor. “They called and checked in on me, sent me patches and I used the patches. I had tried the gum and it wasn’t helping. The patches made it feel like the nicotine was being sucked out of me – but I was determined to quit.”

Her advice? “Don’t judge yourself … just keep praying, get it in your mind to quit”

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Success Stories

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